1.1 Overview
The Populife open platform provides Web API and App SDK for developers to create the Populife smart lock based applications, which integrate the lock into different scenarios.
The web api is used to communicate with Populife server, and the App SDK is used to communicate with the lock via bluetooth. All bluetooth related protocols are encapsulated in the SDK.
This document describes the brief information and steps.
1.2 Application structure
Refer to the structure chart below.

The App communicates with locks by calling the SDK methods. It can initialize the lock(add lock), unlock, reset lock, delete passcode and etc.
It will better that you build your own app server, which calls the Populife web api and provides api for your app.
1.3 Steps
(1)If you want to develope app,download the SDK from github and include them to your app project, refering to the guidelines in github. They are native SDKs for Android and iOS system.
1.4 Work flow
The main work flows:Init lock,unlock with ekey
1.4.1 Init lock

Lock admin init lock by the APP,then call the lock init API of Open platform。
1.4.2 Unlock with ekey

Lock admin send ekey to users。
Users can sync ekey data from server to their APP, then unlock。